Public e-services

Key characteristics of “Electronic Tatarstan” project realization:

1 mln state services were rendered in the Tatarstan Republic in electronic format in July 2011 (four times more than in January).

Granting public and municipal services in electronic format is organized via electronic info kiosks (infomats) and Portal of public and municipal services of the Republic of Tatarstan (, including a mobile version (

Currently 25 public socially significant services are being rendered by the above mentioned means of interaction with citizens.

It is possible to submit an application, pay a service and sign up for electronic queue on-line via the Portal of public and municipal services.

Transfer of public services in e-format has turned daily routine into pleasant cares which now take less time. We tried to help Tatarstan citizens spending more time with their families. Now you can submit an application to the Civil Registry Office, sign up your child to a kindergarten and use other services at home.


We thought it is much more pleasant to take care of your house without going out. By creating new e-services we managed to help citizens paying communal services and receiving necessary information at home using PC, via the Portal of public and municipal services

We know spending time in long queues to see a doctor is so distressing. Thus, we changed “live” queues to electronic. Now you can make an appointment with a doctor on-line and come on fixed time. Thus, patients feel more comfortable and doctors’ work has become easier.

An ideal life style of a modern person is to come everywhere in time without being in a hurry. We are creating e-services in Tatarstan which help people using public services in convenient time and comfortable conditions on the Portal of public and municipal services

We are launching e-services so that every citizen of the Tatarstan Republic can go to work and come back home with pleasure, being sure in tomorrow and receiving all necessary services without queues and extra visits.


Pay taxes and do not worry
Get information about debts and pay in time via Portal of public and municipal services of the Republic of Tatarstan

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