Residents of the Innopolis Special Economic Zone double investment in 2018

6 February 2019, Wednesday

On February 6, speaking at a summing up meeting of Tatarstan Ministry of Informatization and Communication, Director General of the Innopolis Special Economic Zone Renat Halimov said that the investment of the Innopolis residents more than doubled in 2018.

The number of companies - residents of the SEZ increased from 62 to 77. The total amount of investment increased by 114 per cent as compared to December 31, 2017 and amounted to 6.9 billion roubles. The amount of revenue of resident companies (cumulative) amounted to 4.6 billion roubles. Residents created 1,479 jobs, which is 54 per cent more than in 2017. As many as 9 companies have the status of the Innopolis  partner of the SEZ Innopolis - they do not have tax benefits, but also put their development offices in the Popov Technopark. Currently, partners created 554 jobs.

A number of important events were held in the SEZ in 2018. In particular, a solemn opening of a new building of ICL Techno Technopark in Laishevo region of the republic was held. Innovation Centre of the French Schneider Electric Company was opened in the Popov Technopark in 2018.

The Popov Technopark also hosted a number of large events such as Annual Digital Innovation Forum and many other events.

The Innopolis SEZ plans to implement a number of projects in 2019.    

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