All-Russian Robotic Olympiad to host international participants in Innopolis for the first time

14 June 2019, Friday

On June 20-23, at the University of Innopolis, the final stage of the All-Russian Robotic Olympiad will be held. In addition to 600 young robotics from 60 regions of Russia, foreign participants will also arrive to take part for the first time.

For the first time, registration for international teams is open during individual Innopolis Open competitions, which will be held at the same time with the main programme of the All-Russian Robots Olympiad.

The All-Russian Robot Olympiad includes 10 categories, 5 of which are included in the regulations of the World Robot Olympiad such as “Mobile Intelligent Robotic Systems”, “Manipulation Intelligent Robotic Systems”, “Soccer of Robots”, “Primary” and “Creative” in three age groups. Foreign robotics will have opportunity to compete with the Russians in the Innopolis Open categories such as "Intelligent unmanned vehicles", "Intelligent autonomous uninhabited underwater vehicles", "Intelligent unmanned aerial vehicles", "Projects of intelligent robotic systems", "Competitions in advanced robotics".

According to the results of the All-Russian Robots Olympiad 2019, Innopolis University will form and prepare on its basis the Russian team in robotics to participate in the finals of the World Robot Olympiad of Robots, be held in Hungary in November. 

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