Tatarstan citizens can get press subscription with discount

3 July 2019, Wednesday

An early subscription campaign for over 1,000 publications according to the Russian Post catalog for the first half of 2020 takes place in Tatarstan. A subscription is available at the prices of the current half-year - both online at a special website and at any post office until the end of August.

The discount of 25 per cent on 2,500 publications recommended by the Expert Council for Regional Media will be available for the subscribers of the Russian Post.

Subscribers to the Russian Post are also waiting for a 25% discount on the 2,500 publications.

Everyone can take part in the Tree of Goodness charity event and present a subscription to children of boarding schools and orphans, wards of nursing homes, children who are on treatment, rural libraries and universities. You can take part in the project on the website and in the post office.

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