Tatarstan students can get digital skills for free

26 August 2019, Monday

The IT-cube children's centre for IT creativity at the Interregional Competence Centre – the Kazan Technical College of Information Technology and Communications enrolls the school children for free courses of IT professions. Classes will start in September.

The children are trained in the following areas:

• Mobile robotics - from 6 years old

• Development of VR / AR applications - from 12 years old

• Java programming language - from 12 years old

• System administration - from 12 years old

• Cyber ​​hygiene - from 13 years old

• “Mobile development“ Samsung IT-school ”- from 14 years old

• The programming language "Python" - since 14 years.

You can apply on the IT-Cube website. Classes will be held at Galeeva str, 3a, Kazan. Contact phone: (843) 203-55-55 (ext. 302).

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